What to Know About European Roulette in Casinos of South Africa

European roulette was invented in XIX century and once it was presented to the gamblers this game has rapidly became one of the most popular games all over the world. You can find it all of the South African casinos in different implementation as there are many online gambling games manufacturers.

So read below to know more about European roulette in South African casinos.

Where You Can Play European Roulette in South Africa?

We have made a list of the best online casinos in South Africa that offer playing in European roulette. Of course, all of the online casinos have this game, but in the list we have included only the best online casinos by payout rate, bonuses and variety of games.

European Roulette Wheel

European roulette wheel consists of 37 cells – there are 36 numbered cells (numbers from 1 to 36) and one zero cell (“0”). European roulette is called to be the most classic roulette game type. It was a European roulette where most of the successful strategies were created and then adopted by other types of roulettes.

European Roulette Table

The table looks classic – in the middle there are cells with corresponding numbers, on the upper part the zero cell and on sides and bottom the places for the types of combined bets you can make.

Most of the European roulette tables are green and so is for the South African casinos, however, many online game manufacturers have different colored table designs. Anyway, if the table is European it is always pointed out in the title of the casino game.

How to Play European Roulette?

Usually, all you need to do is to complete registration in the online casino and choose the corresponding game. However, sometimes you can even play in European roulette casino games for free without registration. You also can download European roulette game for free from the website of the online casino both to your PC or mobile device (smartphone or tablet).

If you want to get involved into more sophisticated gambling it is better to lurk for European roulette strategy to win which you can find on our website. This strategy is good either for newbies or advanced players.

Other Types of Roulettes in South Africa

There are generally three types of online roulettes available in South African casinos:

  • American roulette – 38 cells, 2 zero cells (“0”, “00”), 36 numbered cells
  • European roulette
  • Mini-roulette – 13 cells, one zero cell and 12 numbered cells

Do not be surprised when you find other types of roulettes – there are many manufacturers of gambling games that invent new types of roulettes with different rules or themed in wide variety of ways. However, you should know that most of these games if not all of them are based on the listed above three primal types of online roulette.