Roulette Strategies That Work in Online South African Casinos

If you have decided to try your luck in the online roulette in South African casinos you should know that along with luck there is one more factor that can affect your winning chances – strategy enforcement.

Choosing a right strategy is one of the core ways to win and get out from the online casino with a full wallet of ZARs. And most of the strategies that can be enforced when it comes to online roulette in online casinos are long-term which means you should count on playing for a long time, tens of games to get a result.

Below you will get an information about a pair of strategies that can be used by newbies or dedicated players.

The Best Roulette Strategy for Newbies

So the best roulette strategy ever for newbies is called black or red method. It is very primitive and thus still working. All you need to do before you enforce this strategy is to make sure you have enough funds to use it. By the way it is ideal both for American, European or any other type of roulette.

So let’s define a minimum bet and let it be $1, just to make it easy to count. So you start with a bet of $1 on red or black colour (it doesn’t really matter). If you win you change the bet – you place a bet of 1$ on the opposite color. If you lose in the next spin you should multiply the bet twice on the same color (red or black). And you should do this until your bet will win.

What is so special about this strategy? The thing is it allows you to get almost guaranteed win in the long-term. Let’s imagine that you have made 4 bets, three first bets were losses and the last allowed you to win. So you have lost:

  • 1$+2$+4$= 7$

And you have won:

  • 8$*2=16$

So the surplus makes 9$.

There very small chances to lose for you – only if you do not manage to get your color after spin many times. This is almost unreal. But it still happens.

Moreover, you can not only make bets on black/red, you can also make bets on even or uneven numbers – as there you get the same probability to win or lose money.

How Much Time Does It takes to Enforce Roulette Winning Strategy?

You need to consider of having enough funds to make at least several tens of bets. Than you can rely on the strategy you have chosen and all in all you will be able to stop if you are getting a losing lane or when the winning lane is taking place.

Is There a Roulette Strategy to Win Big Sum?

The maximum sum you can win is x*36, where x is the bet you have made. And there are bet limits enforced by online casinos. Each casino has its own bet limit policy.